Best Bowling Balls for Heavy Oil Lanes in 2023

Bowlers often have a hard time scoring on heavy oil lanes, but does it always have to be that way?

Heavy oil lanes can be a complicated pattern to analyze before you release your bowling ball, but your job will be a lot easier if you got the right bowling ball around you!

Well, let us help you because this article has enlisted the best bowling ball for heavy oil lanes that bowlers can use to help them predict the ball’s pattern before being released!

You also need to know things to consider making the shot to your advantage, so keep going on this article, and indeed you won’t dislike it.

Best For bowlers of all skill levels

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

best for advanced bowlers

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Best for bowlers who want more control

Roto Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball

best for aggressive bowlers

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball

best for tackling heavy oil lanes

Storm Hy-Road Bowling Ball

Let’s begin!

Find the Top Bowling Balls for Heavy Oil Lanes

Pyramid Forced Unleashed Bowling Ball

One of the most potent bowling balls that can ever roll on a heavy oil lane is the Pyramid Forced Unleashed bowling ball.

This ball is powered by SG Processional Asymmetric Core which creates an unbelievably strong impact once released on the heavy oil lane. It brings the final chapter to the strongest line in Pyramid’s history!

Specially made only for heavy oil lane conditions, this bowling ball is paired with the red GPS Navigational ATX Solid Reactive coverstock, which unleashes the strongest overall ball motion. It also comes with a 2000 Grit Abalon finish, and you can expect a powerful reaction in the fronts and mids, with steadfast continuation at the backend.

This bowling ball has high flare potential, and it gives a solid overall hook on heavy lanes. It also has versatile drilling options for different bowling styles!

Getting a good look this daring red bowling ball reads the lane very well as it coordinates with the heavy oil lane it is dealing with. It also has good recovery, a good exchange for its strong reaction and backend drive.

This ball goes smoothly down the lane, but you have to learn how to control its motion so you can get the best out of its ability.

Pyramid Force Bowling Ball

Another bowling ball from Pyramid is the Force!

The Pyramid Force begins a new level to power up your game, making you unstoppable in the bowling alley.

This bowling ball is propelled by the SG Precessional Asymmetric core, which creates an unbelievably powerful and consistent ball motion. It is paired with the black GPS Navigational Solid Reactive coverstock finished at 2000 Grit Abalon.

Bowlers have different bowling lane preferences, but everyone has to encounter other lane conditions, from dry to heavy oil lanes. But this ball is specially made for heavy oil, making it easier for bowlers to control the motion and power before releasing the ball on the lane!

This ball brings tremendous energy transference to the pins because it has an amazing continuation that goes with your estimation about where the ball will fall once it reaches the bowling pins.

Bowlers can get their natural swing to get the ball down the lane even with just less effort, but if you attempt to use this ball in dry to medium conditions, that is a different story.

This ball has a robust black color, and it has a high flare potential at the same time!

Beginners have to take some time practicing with this ball because of its asymmetric core.

Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball

The Hammer Scandal/S bowling ball can be a bowler’s alley best friend!

This bowling ball has a unique hit ability that can penetrate the bowling lane depending on the bowler’s control and power once this ball is released. It can be everything you love about the bowling ball you are looking for because you can get the strong hit you always wanted to attain!

With the Scandal Symmetrical core, bowlers can easily estimate how much power to exert before swinging this ball down the lane. The patent-pending carbon fiber-infused outer core can make your shot aggressive, and it also comes with the Semtex Hybrid CFI coverstock with a 500/2000 Abralon TM factory finish. 

This ball has an aggressive mid-lane with a continuous backend reaction, and it is made not only for heavy oil lanes but for medium conditions, too.

You can read the ball’s pattern on the heavy oil lane easily with this bowling ball! It smoothens out the way to make sure your prediction will go according to the way you planned it to roll, but this ball’s smoothness may fade over time if successively rolled on a heavy oil lane without maintenance.

Motiv Jackal Flash Bowling Ball

The Jackal Flash bowling ball of Motiv represents the ultimate high-performance bowling ball during bowling sessions, and bowlers can not keep their eyes off this one!

This bowling ball is the most substantial asymmetric pearl that Motiv has ever published and developed, in which the ball’s transition provides clean and powerful strength through the front of the lane with a faster backend response. It has high flare potential, which makes it so ideal for heavy oil conditions, and your shot will be as smooth and precise as you want because this one is forgiving and disgustingly powerful!

The performance technology that comes with this three-colored bowling ball is synergistically tuned with a 5000 Grit LSP finish which produces pin-crushing continuation. It is encased with the Infusion HV Pearl Reactive coverstock to provide length and persuasive angle when rolling down the heavy oil lane.

This ball can give you a great hook, and it smoothens out the pattern once it rolls on the lane. 

Speed-dominant bowlers will find this ball very versatile in more moderate conditions than heavy.

Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball

Another famous brand name for the world of Bowling is Storm, which their Parallax Effect bowling ball can be your heavy oil buddy.

The Parallax Effect has unique chemistry for its overall build because it has aesthetics and function distinction. It also supports a dynamic performance for bowlers to acquire during their bowling games!

This bowling ball has a lightweight asymmetric Aeroflot core with an ellipsed hole filled with lighter core material which constructs a higher Radius of Gyration. The flip block bottom of the core ensures a high total differential, but without the essential Y-axis cuts, the intermediate differential would be much lower than what we expect!

It introduces the Pearl version of the TractionX7 coverstock, which combines all the best features found in Storm’s to make it the best coverstock out of all. It offers durability, consistency, backend, and slower oil absorption to make it versatile for the situation. The factory finish is made with 1500-grit Polished, and it has a cute fragrance of orange coffee cake, which adds to the ball’s appeal on the lane!

Things to Consider Before Choosing Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil Lanes

Coverstock Condition

Heavy oil lane can be complicated to deal with, especially when the bowling ball is not appropriate for the condition.

Bowlers should use bowling balls to react appropriately on heavy oil lanes because it is a way to make the job easier. A reactive coverstock will help absorb the oil as a method of analyzing the lane about its motion and reacting to it in a kind.

Keep away any plastic and urethane bowling balls if you are dealing with heavy oil because the lane will not be read properly, which can misdirect your ball once thrown.

When released on a heavy oil lane, predicting and reading the ball’s pattern is the best way to become a better bowler, so make sure to choose any bowling ball with a good coverstock. You can also refer to its features if it mentions something about heavy oil conditions!

Bowling Ball Core

The ball’s core affects your game, whether you are a professional or a beginner.

The way your ball spins depends on the core. They come in different shapes and sizes. Bowling ball cores are either symmetrical or asymmetrical and both work in different ways.

We cannot say in which direction the ball spins, but one thing’s for sure: they vary on how they are built.

The asymmetrical core can be challenging to get a grip on for beginners, while the symmetrical core can be gradually predicted once the bowler read its motion on the lane.

The heavy oil lane plays a significant factor on different bowling balls, and the core can increase the challenge for you.

Make sure you can manage the hook potential and reaction of the bowling ball you choose. An asymmetrical core will help you have more control over the lane and will help you get a more excellent hook shot if you can estimate your game.


The ball’s weight plays a significant role in heavy oil lanes.

The weight should be of your control, which means you cannot choose a too-light or too-heavy ball.

A ball’s weight should be enough for you to lift and throw because your control matters so much in the lane. If the ball is too light, you might not hit even just a single bowling pin. If it is too heavy, the ball might lose control and not run at the speed you desire, plus your shoulder and shoulder blade can be at vital risk for injury!

Heavy oil lanes might be hard to control, but if you can hold your ball just enough of your strength, you can do a perfect shot to hit the pins.


  1. What are the best bowling balls for heavy oil lanes?

    The best bowling balls for heavy oil lanes are the Pyramid Forced Unleashed, Pyramid Force, Hammer Scandal/S, and Motiv Jackal Flash.

  2. Is the Pyramid Force Bowling Ball suitable for heavy oil lanes only?

    The Pyramid Force Bowling Ball is specially made for heavy oil lanes, but it can be used for other lane conditions as well. However, bowlers might have to practice more with it if they are beginners because of its asymmetric core.

  3. What type of core should I look for in a bowling ball for heavy oil lanes?

    A professional asymmetric core is ideal for a bowling ball for heavy oil lanes, such as the SG Processional Asymmetric Core found in the Pyramid Forced Unleashed and Pyramid Force bowling balls.

  4. What coverstock should I choose for a bowling ball for heavy oil lanes?

    A solid reactive coverstock is ideal for heavy oil lanes, such as the red GPS Navigational ATX Solid Reactive coverstock found in the Pyramid Forced Unleashed bowling ball or the black GPS Navigational Solid Reactive coverstock found in the Pyramid Force bowling ball.

  5. Is the finish of a bowling ball important for heavy oil lanes?

    Yes, the finish of a bowling ball is crucial for heavy oil lanes. A higher grit finish, such as the 2000 Grit Abalon finish found in the Pyramid Forced Unleashed and Pyramid Force bowling balls will provide a better reaction on the heavy oil lanes.

  6. Is a symmetrical or asymmetrical core better for heavy oil lanes?

    An asymmetrical core is better for heavy oil lanes as it provides a more powerful and consistent ball motion, such as the SG Processional Asymmetric Core found in the Pyramid Forced Unleashed and Pyramid Force bowling balls.

Final Words

Bowling balls are all built differently. Bowling lanes are also constructed differently.

Balls that match heavy oil lanes are not that difficult to find, but controlling and manipulating your shot will be a bit more complicated than you expected.

However, we chose the best bowling balls for heavy oil lanes we can find to help you. Keep in mind to consider your preference even when you need to attain the standards you are looking for a bowling ball you have to purchase.

Hopefully, we did our job to assist you in this decision in our best endeavor.

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