The Best Mid Performance Bowling Balls in 2023

Have you been enjoying your bowling games so that you cannot just get enough of the lane conditions you are playing with?

Bowling balls matter for lane conditions, and now, you want to see mid-performance balls!

I bet you have already been looking for a mid-performance bowling ball for your bowling sessions, but you can’t just find one that fits right enough for your preference!

Bowlers use different bowling balls for various conditions. This article will show you a list of the best mid-performance bowling balls available in the market, moreover the things you have to look for before purchasing a mid-performance bowling ball!

Best For Heavy oil conditions

Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball

best For Medium oil conditions

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Best for Dry lanes

Roto Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball

best budget-friendly

Brunswick Rhino Reactive Bowling Ball

best for performance

Storm Hy-Road Bowling Ball

You need not spend so much time looking because we’re here to help!

List of Top Mid-Performance Bowling Balls in 2023

Roto Grip MVP Attitude Bowling Ball

Another bowling ball with a mid-performance title on the list is the Roto Grip MVP Attitude!

This bowling ball comes with a VTC-H20 Hybrid Reactive coverstock, finished with a 3000 Grit Pad. Various balls are made for multiple conditions, and this ball is engineered especially for medium to dry lane conditions.

You may not just use this on the medium oil lane, but you can use this on the dry ones, too!

It has a marble-like design that appeals to the bowler’s eyes, and it comes with a Neutron NXT Symmetric core. 

Since the core is symmetric, it is a lot easier to read the lane, plus the weight distribution adds to the benefit of the user.

After multiple throws along the lane, bowlers can notice how quick and valuable this ball is in medium conditions. It has a solid mid-lane read with a responsive backend motion reaction type, and it can be beneficial for bowlers to improve their prediction and estimation for power and control before ball swing.

This ball will be an outstanding option if you need one to clear the front of the lane while reacting nicely to friction.

Pyramid Pathogen X2 Bowling Ball

The Pathogen X2 gives mid-lane read with angularity on medium lanes, and bowlers can unleash their inner beast when playing with this bowling ball for mid-performance action!

This ball is spliced and engineered to dominate the lanes. The name itself is an infectious Pathogen that can rule the lane while maintaining the outbreak to devastate a variety of lane conditions. This ball can make every bowling pin susceptible to its wrath, plus it is a good choice for a mid-performance bowling ball!

It comes with a New Era 139 symmetric core which has a medium RG and differential numbers. It is paired with the GPS Navigational Hybrid, which allows the ball the read the mid-lane correctly and delay the backend reaction. Not only can this be for mid-performance, but this ball is a vital part of your arsenal for a variety of lane conditions.

Despite its versatility for lane conditions, this bowling ball is best used in medium-lane conditions while possessing its mid-lane read with an angularity breakpoint shape.

This bowling ball is an upgraded version of the Pathogen X Bowling Ball. Mid-performance bowling ball starters must get ahold of their control to utilize this ball appropriately.

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball can be your choice for mid-performance from stroker to two-handed bowlers, and it can even be an entry-level cost with high-performance Pyramid technology!

This bowling ball offers a clean look with a sharp ball reaction down the lane, and its motion can be controlled by bowlers depending on how much power they put before releasing it to the lane.

The New Era 139 Symmetric core rules the inside of this bowling ball which offers a versatile ball motion, giving a quality ball motion on various lane conditions. 

Since the ball’s core is symmetric, the weight is distributed evenly among the whole sphere according to its shape!

Even when you are only looking for a ball that suits medium conditions, well, this ball is flexible enough to work dry to heavy oil lanes so long as you have to customize its finish!

This ball comes with a Pearl Reactive coverstock and a 1500 Grit Abalon/Factory Finish Polish. It suits medium-dry lane conditions, plus it has a length and controlled backend breakpoint shape.

It can give you a great hook, but the ball surface may chip if not maintained regularly.

Columbia 300 White Dot

For an all-purpose bowling ball, we present you the Columbia 300 White Dot!

It has an elegant and simplistic white color design with accents surrounding the ball, making it professional to look at!

This bowling ball is the most popular in polyester ball history because of its iconic and consistent durability and color. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced player, or one who just plays with no serious intentions, the White Dot will fit your personality and fill you up to improve during the game.

This bowling ball has a bullet core and polyester coverstock with a Crown Factory Polish finish. Bowlers can use this in dry to heavy oil conditions, but that does not always work according to its purpose.

That means this ball will be durable enough for medium conditions, so long as you are willing to edit the ball’s finish according to the lane you are playing on.

If you also intend this ball for oily conditions, make sure the finish is customized to fit on the lane.

It also has a straight reaction, making it very quick and easy to read once it reaches the pins.

Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball

The Black Widow Urethane ball will take you to a successful improvement for bowling games because this can be the mid-performance bowling ball you are looking for!

This bowling ball has a powerful and charismatic black color design with a popping orange logo of Black Widow. Indeed, bowlers will feel the control rushing through their fingers because of its appealing simplistic look!

It comes with an asymmetric Gas Mask core.

An asymmetric core is more challenging than a symmetric one because the weight distribution is spread at different places! This makes it stimulating for bowlers to improve and focus much more on the ball’s spin direction once rolled on the lane.

It comes with a urethane coverstock with a factory finish of 360/500/500 Abralon, plus carbon fiber added to the inner core for its increased strength and durability.

This ball is specially made for medium oil conditions, and it has a strong mid-lane reaction, so aggressive players can benefit from their control while swinging the ball.

It can give you more overall hook while maintaining predictability of its direction; however, beginners should never start with this bowling ball – it will be too aggressive for them!

What to Look for in a Mid-Performance Bowling Ball


The core plays an essential role in a bowling ball because it gives the weight distribution that affects the ball’s spin on the lane.

You cannot just disregard the core, because it all depends on your skill!

Can you manage an asymmetrical core? Are you better off with symmetrical ones?

Cores have different shapes, but you can only categorize them between symmetrical and asymmetrical. An asymmetrical core is much more complicated to read than a symmetrical one, but both cores work wondrously on the lane if you know how to control your release and angling. They matter so much because the weight distribution depends on the core’s shape, so you have to give your time in reading the ball’s pattern to make sure you progress every single time you hit the bowling arena.

Your Skill Level

Beginners always have something to start on, but new bowlers should think about mid-performance bowling balls twice.

It is not wrong to train immediately with mid-performance bowling balls, honestly. But beginners are way better off with plastic or polyester coverstock bowling balls because they move so much easier to associate with their swing control. It is a great start to start with something easy before proceeding to some included complications.

If you are a beginner who already established your ball swing and release on dry lane conditions, then you can now proceed to mid-performance bowling balls to change and spice up your bowling game.

However, keep in mind that it is not wrong to begin immediately with mid-performance bowling balls. Instead, it would be a lot better to start with dry bowling balls before the mid-performance balls.


We should never neglect the ball’s weight because once you fail to choose the ball that suits your need, various side effects will occur.

The ball’s weight must at least be ten percent of your body weight to start with. Since you have to attain proper posture, angling, swing, and release, you cannot just choose a heavy bowling ball that you can lift but cannot release – it will cost you your arm, and it may take some time before you can go bowling again!

You cannot also just choose a very light bowling ball because where will the challenge come from?

You have to estimate and choose one that’s appropriate for the minimum weight needed, yet you can increase the ball’s weight if you can manage to swing and release it without hurting your shoulder and shoulder blade.

FAQs About Mid-Performance Bowling Balls

  1. What is the best brand for mid-performance bowling balls?

    There are several good brands that offer quality mid-performance bowling balls, but the most popular ones include Roto Grip, Pyramid, and Columbia 300.

  2. What are the key features to look for when purchasing a mid-performance bowling ball?

    Before purchasing a mid-performance bowling ball, you should look for its coverstock, core, and finish. It is also important to consider the weight distribution and its versatility in various lane conditions. It is always best to choose a ball that fits your preference and playing style.

  3. Can the Roto Grip MVP Attitude be used in both medium and dry oil lanes?

    Yes, the Roto Grip MVP Attitude can be used in both medium and dry oil lanes. It is engineered especially for medium to dry lane conditions.

Final Words

Have you found your bowling ball yet?

Mid-performance bowling balls have average strength, which works on medium-heavy oil conditions, and you must now have an idea of which one works for your skill and preference!

In every aspect, from its coverstock to its core, the bowling ball will work just fine so long as you know how to control and apply power on your swing before you release. What matters most is how you handle the situation to hit your goal target for your improvement.

Carefully determine which mid-performance bowling ball suits you the best, and I guarantee you will become a better version of your bowler self!

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