Best Bowling Balls for House Shot | Improve Your Game on Any Lane Condition

Are you a bowling fanatic?

If yes, then this guide is for you!

Bowlers have different shot techniques, and here, we have got to deal with a typical house shot!

When we talk about typical house shots, you have numerous bowling ball options to work on the lane where you will play. 

It might be hard to choose which one suits your skill, but we will help you assess each of the best bowling balls for a typical house shot to make your life easier!

We will also give you tips about factors you have to consider before buying a bowling ball because a typical house shot can be something you are training on at the moment. 

Best For all skill levels

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

best for all lane conditions

Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball

Best value for money

Roto Grip Hustle Bowling Ball

best for light to medium oil conditions

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

best budget-friendly

Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Bowling Ball

Let’s begin!

Our Top Picks for the Best Bowling Balls for House Shots

Storm Proton PhysiX Bowling Ball

The Proton PhysiX can never put your skills away because your typical house shot experience will go well with this powerful bowling ball.

The Storm made this high-performance bowling ball to provide excellent traction and hook to whatever heavy oil lane condition you might come across, and it offers one of the shapeliest reactions available for a bowling ball. This bowling ball exerts excellent performance and gives more length to the shot, and the backend is required.

This ball has an asymmetrical weight block, making it more challenging for new users to manage on the lane, and it has a Nano Extreme solid reactive coverstock which makes the ball durable and powerful once thrown. The ball is finished with the 2000 Grit Abralon Factory Finish.

The low RG core assists in producing a better ball spin, making it unstoppable during bowling sessions.

It comes with a magenta, black, and violet color combination that makes the marbled design more powerful and elegant looking. 

With this ball’s high flare potential, it is highly suitable for oilier conditions and won’t be a pain in the head once rolled over the lane.

Beginners are not suitable for this bowling ball for a typical house shot.

Storm Axiom Bowling Ball

With its incredible sky blue, navy, and slate colors, the Storm’s Axiom will bring your game to the next level with your house shot!

This bowling ball features the Nano Extreme solid reactive coverstock finished at 3000 Grit Abralon, and this earliest rolling cover on any pattern of any surface can help you reach your true potential when it comes to bowling.

An easier prediction and estimation of the ball’s direction has a symmetric weight block that helps in the even weight distribution inside the ball, making your house shot more effective and easier to manage.

Since this ball is paired with the Orbital symmetric core, bowlers can attain a solid mid-lane read with this ball without even sacrificing any backend motion, and we should all give thanks to the low RG!

This bowling ball has a medium to high flare potential, and you need not worry about it not working properly for your typical house shot. The whole material construction of this bowling ball can help you hit the pins at your desire, so long as you know how to read this ball.

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball

The Black Widow 2.0 will help you perfect your scores in a typical house shot because it has the ball quality we are looking for when we talk about house shot bowling balls!

The original black and red color combination that this ball has designed make it more powerful and intriguing to use. This ball is precisely what you want to get enough traction on medium to heavy oil while attaining a continuous ball motion, and it contributes to creating a lot of possible angles for the ball throw, plus gives you high scores.

This bowling ball features the Gas Mask asymmetric core combined with the carbon fiber outer core for extended power and durability. This ball is wrapped with an aggressive solid coverstock with a solid reactive cover type. It is finished with 500, 1000, or 2000 SiaAir Micro Pad, making it a good option for a typical house shot.

A typical house shot needs more time before accomplishing a good shot, and luckily, this ball is made especially for medium to heavy oil conditions. It also has an aggressive backend, so it makes a whole lot of difference to your role.

Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

With its blazing red color, the Storm’s Code Red bowling ball can take you to the pinnacle while doing your best shot in bowling!

This bowling ball has a “perfect” motion committed to the pursuit of development not only for the players but for the bowling ball itself too. Its great traction aptitudes provide angular movement, and it can be of great use as your bowling ball for a typical house shot.

It comes with the R2S hybrid reactive coverstock finished with 1500-Grit Polish, plus it has a high flare potential that some bowlers can find easy to use on.

This ball has an asymmetrical weight block to spice up the game, and the RAD4 core features an extremely dense modified disc shape that produces abundant torque. This feature can provide bowlers with the weapon to attack any unforeseen conditions they might encounter along with the game.

Straight bowlers are not meant for this bowling ball because it can hardly perform along the lane where they got used to, and this ball creates a pattern that needs to be read to achieve a house shot.

Best Bowling Balls for House Shot

Motiv Jackal Legacy Bowling Ball

Another beast we can add to the house is the Jackal Legacy bowling ball!

This bowling ball is designed to handle the heaviest oil conditions that bowlers may encounter, and this hook beast can be an excellent choice for a typical house shot.

It comes with a Predator V2 asymmetric core which produces the most angular movements a ball can ever make, and it makes the ball versatile, reliable, and strong while having a high-performance core.

This ball has a solid reactive coverstock, finished with 2000 Grit LSS.

The Coercion MXC solid reactive coverstock is one of the most substantial covers in bowling balls today, and it makes great traction that bowlers desire to have to achieve their typical house shot with high scores. However, it works best on heavy oil, which provides the most traction, smooth motion, and a controllable shape that lessens over or reaction in wet or dry conditions.

The great hook can be your best resort for this ball, plus it has a high flare potential making it more effective for a house shot to occur.

What to Look for Before Buying Bowling Balls for Typical House Shot

Ball Weight

The heavier the ball is, the better your shot will become.

But that does not mean we should welcome rolling heavy bowling balls without even assessing if our body can do it correctly or not!

You should initially start with the bowling ball’s weight, about 10% of yours, to know how to control and angle the ball before release. However, if you can carry a heavier bowling ball without even stressing your arm, shoulder, and shoulder blade, you have to train with that weight to make your shot more advantageous!

Always keep in mind to avoid hefty bowling balls because they can either make or break your dreams. Choose one that’s just right for your lift, and your shot will be better than ever.


Ideally, a solid coverstock is the best for a typical house shot, but that does not limit the options to solid covers.

You can also use urethane or shiny bowling balls; however, you need a lot of patience and practice to get high scores every time you roll the ball along the lane.

Notice how almost all bowling balls mentioned had solid reactive coverstock?

That’s because those balls with solid covers tend to move along the lane with lesser space errors and minimal curves. Solid coverstocks contribute to giving a great hook for a house shot, and if estimated well, the bowler can hit all pins in just one rolling.

Solid coverstock can help you genuinely attain high scores, so you should always look out for the ball’s cover before purchasing one. 

latest Bowling Balls for House Shot

Core Type

The ball’s core matters so much for typical house shots.

It all depends on which type of core you are more comfortable with. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical cores contribute to hitting bowling pins at the end of the lane, but the way they work depends on how you manage to roll the ball.

The symmetrical core is more predictable than the asymmetrical one because the core’s weight is evenly distributed, making it easier to read the lane once the ball is released. 

However, you should not be discouraged by asymmetrical cores! They are also instrumental in bowling and house shots. All that matters is your skill to deal with an asymmetrical core on the bowling lane.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Bowling Balls for House Shot

  1. What are some of the best bowling balls for a typical house shot?

    Some of the best bowling balls for a typical house shot include the Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball, Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball, Roto Grip Hustle Bowling Ball, Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball, and Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Bowling Ball.

  2. What makes the Storm Code Red Bowling Ball suitable for a typical house shot?

    The Storm Code Red Bowling Ball is suitable for a typical house shot due to its great traction abilities that provide angular movement. Its blazing red color makes it stand out and its perfect motion makes it a suitable option for players.

  3. What is a house shot in bowling?

    A house shot refers to the condition of a bowling lane that has been prepared by the bowling center for use by its customers. It typically consists of a standard pattern of oil on the lanes, which affects the way the ball rolls and the type of ball that is best suited for that particular shot.

  4. What is the average cost of a bowling ball for a house shot?

    The average cost of a bowling ball for a house shot can range from around $50 to $250, depending on the brand, materials, and features of the ball. Higher-end balls can cost more, but they may offer better performance and durability.

Final Words

Looking for a typical house-shot bowling ball is not that hard, so long as you have an idea of which one to choose and how to choose one that fits you.

Becoming a good player starts somewhere, and if you are still new to typical house shots, you better be aware of what suits the conditions and how to manage the situation! We listed the best bowling balls for your benefit, and you should take some time to choose the one that’s best for your use.

Hopefully, we helped you most efficiently. All the mentioned bowling balls are impressive, but you should decide to select the one you’ll practice on!

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