The Ultimate Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick is one of the most popular bowling ball brands in the bowling world known to produce excellent balls that will take your game to a great new height.

Used by bowlers at amateur to professional levels, Brunswick continues to produce high-quality balls that are geared for everyone.

One of their most popular and intriguing lines is the Brunswick Rhino.

The Rhino is a high-performance bowling ball that offers excellent style, trusted quality, and powerful performance in the bowling alley.

Designed with entry-level bowlers in mind, the Rhino is an affordable ball that represents excellent value. It offers one of the best combinations of durability and performance in the industry.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at the important characteristics of the Rhino Brunswick bowling ball and find out what this ball can offer for bowlers of all skill levels.

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball: Is it Right for You?


The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball has an R-16 Reactive coverstock that creates a relatively “tacky” feel, strong back-end reaction, and additional traction on the lane.

The R-16 Reactive coverstock is specifically developed by Brunswick to provide a perfect balance between power and control.

This reactive formula offers strong length and powerful backend reaction without being overly sensitive to the dry or oily parts of the lane for an even more predictable ball reaction that enhances pin carry.

It ensures optimum ball reaction in most lanes especially on dry to medium-oiled lanes. Moreover, it delivers a strong but controllable hooking motion that is ideal for more experienced bowlers.

In layman’s terms, the Brunswick Rhino bowling balls are made for aggressive bowlers looking for more hook on the lane.

No matter the lane condition, the Brunswick Rhino bowling ball maintains a tight rotational spin upon impact thanks to its reactive coverstock.

This increases the bowler’s margin of error which enables him to throw curve balls easier and still crush the competition.

The result is a distinct ball motion that will react more off the pins allowing you to make a strike, even when you miss your target.

However, although marketed as an entry-level ball, it can be difficult to use for a newbie to control due to its coverstock’s hook potential that’s a bit more challenging to manage for less experienced players.


The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball delivers a superior ball motion that helps you strike with power all thanks to its symmetrical light bulb core.

This symmetrical light bulb core generates pin action and ensures a smooth and accurate roll.

The light bulb core shape is also incorporated to deliver outstanding ball motion and impressive pin action for more strikes and higher scores.

As a result, the ball provides bowlers with maximum hook potential while still giving them straight shots and hitting the pocket consistently.

With this symmetrical core, it gives you more options on your rolls but doesn’t require the same level of skill as an advanced player would during play.

This allows for more advanced shots at a lower level while making it easier to use advanced shots at a higher level.

For beginners or recreational bowlers, this type of core lends itself well to performing different kinds of shots.

Hook Potential

Offering a blend of smooth roll, solid torque, and outstanding ball speed, the Brunswick Rhino is ideal for bowlers who prefer a controlled finish.

This is a solid and high-performing bowling ball that has a hook potential of 95 on Brunswick’s scale of 10 to 250.

It surely doesn’t have a massive hook potential compared to the other models offered by Brunswick, which means the Rhino has the potential to execute a slight turn on the backend, but it won’t have bowlers overcompensating into a skid with too much of a positive angle of attack.

But still, it provides more than enough hook for entry-level bowlers wanting to make more strikes.

The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball also has a medium differential of 0.030 which further contributes to the ball’s reduced hook potential.

However, this also increases the ball’s predictability and control. This allows bowlers to easily control the path of the lane which is a great characteristic for more experienced bowlers.

Color and Weight

Style matters for Brunswick. That’s why Brunswick introduces five color options for the Rhino bowling ball. They are all created to perfection giving the player the best possible experience on the lanes.

Coming in five colors and attractive designs, it is sure to match any bowler’s style and taste.

You can get the Brunswick Rhino in Red/Black/Gold Pearl, Black/Blue/Silver Pearl, Purple/Pink/White Pearl, Green/Silver Pearl, and Black Pearl color combination options.

Furthermore, Brunswick has a new approach to lightweight ball engineering. Each unique Brunswick Rhino bowling ball is available from 10 to 16 pounds.

This unique approach to lightweight ball engineering provides bowlers with consistent ball reaction characteristics across this weight range. It’s another way Brunswick works hard to put more money in your pocket.


The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball is an economical ball that promises a higher level of performance to bowlers with a moderate budget. This ball gives a professional-level performance without the professional price tag.

It is not the least expensive on the market, but it’s indeed worth a look for bowlers of all skill levels.

price of Brunswick Rhino bowling ball

Frequently Asked Questions about Rhino Brunswick

  1. What is the Brunswick Rhino bowling ball made of?

    The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball is made with an R-16 Reactive coverstock and a symmetrical light bulb core.

  2. Is the Brunswick Rhino suitable for beginner bowlers?

    Although marketed as an entry-level ball, the Brunswick Rhino may be difficult to control for new bowlers due to its high hook potential.

  3. What is the hook potential of the Brunswick Rhino?

    The hook potential of the Brunswick Rhino is 95 on Brunswick’s scale of 10 to 250, which is suitable for entry-level bowlers.

  4. What are the available color options for the Brunswick Rhino?

    The Brunswick Rhino is available in five color options: Red/Black/Gold Pearl, Black/Blue/Silver Pearl, Purple/Pink/White Pearl, Green/Silver Pearl, and Black Pearl.

  5. What is the weight range of the Brunswick Rhino bowling ball?

    The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball is available in a weight range of 10 to 16 pounds.

Final Words

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bowler, the Brunswick Rhino provides the solid performance and exceptional performance you’ve been looking for.

The Brunswick Rhino is an entry-level bowling ball that has a more affordable price tag and has been well-received by bowlers of all skill levels.

With great control and impressive hook potential, the Rhino is a deserving choice for any bowler who needs to add a boost of power and control.

It has its share of limitations as a reactive ball due to its limited hook potential and its less efficacy on heavier oil conditions, but the Brunswick Rhino makes up for it as a great bowling ball offering more length without losing much of the back-end hook.

Overall it is among the best reaction balls on the market today and should be considered by any serious bowler who wants to step up their game.

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