Get a Strike Every Time with the Best Urethane Bowling Balls of 2023

There are indeed lots of types of bowling balls these days. But many bowlers still prefer urethane bowling balls.

For many bowlers, the urethane bowling ball is the way to go. Bowlers from all over the world use them to enhance their performance, and it’s all because they tend to have excellent performance on the lanes.

Despite having loads of styles and brands, urethane balls are not made equal and they have some varying features that will help you make up your mind.

Best For beginner

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball

best for dry lanes

Motiv Venom Shock

Best value for money

Roto Grip Hustle Bowling Ball

best for oily lanes

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

best for women

Columbia 300 Bowling Ball

Let’s take a look at some of the best urethane balls available in the market this 2023 to help you decide which ball to choose.

Explore the Best Urethane Bowling Balls

Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

The Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball is a high-performance ball that offers a controlled hooking action with a perfect mix of charisma and power.

This competitive performer aims at the needs of bowlers in light oil conditions. Likewise, the overall strength of this ball makes it also effective in medium oil lane conditions.

The Urethane cover of the Hammer Purple Pearl is the foundation on which this exceptional ball is built.

It has a unique thick-shelled pearlized coverstock that allows for a smooth and predictable release, while still giving a powerful hook and turn when necessary.

Unlike modern covers that produce a violent reaction at the breakpoint, the Hammer Purple Pearl is all about giving you ultimate control of the entire lane.

Featuring Hammer’s proven 500, 1000, and 2000 Siaair Micro Pad finish, this urethane ball allows for a smoother, longer, and more accurate roll for any lane type.

The LED core design of the Purple Pearl Urethane ball brings a high-tech flair to your game.

This core design performs like the traditional symmetrical light bulb core. It provides a profile that maximizes energy transfer between the core and coverstock, for an even stronger reaction off the spot.

The Hammer Purple Pearl is styled with a pearlized purple finish and dazzling design that make it one of the best-looking bowling balls on the market. It is also available in 12 to 16 lbs. weight options.

The only thing is that you can’t use this bowling ball in a dry lane or extremely high oil lane conditions.

Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball

Hammer is pleased to bring the same trusted urethane formula from the Purple Pearl ball to the Black Widow line and wrap it around its most iconic core.

This combination will give you more overall hook than traditional urethane while maintaining the predictability that a urethane coverstock provides.

Hammer incorporated a carbon fiber material on the inner core of the ball merged with urethane coverstock to give you an astonishing performance at every game.

As a result, the Black Widow urethane ball is one of the strongest and most durable bowling balls on the market.

The super-tough carbon fiber gas mask core provides stability and superb continuation motion, while the urethane cover boosts hooking action and power for leagues and tournaments.

Moreover, the specially engineered asymmetric core type gives you an upper hand in crucial parts of your game.

This creates strong reactions on the lane, offering a stable curve in your rolls and a better flare with enhanced readability and predictability on the lane.

However, this also makes it hard for beginner bowlers to take advantage of the control and power that this ball can deliver.

This ball also has a grittier 360/500/500 Abralon finish, meaning that it would offer more friction and slow down the speed causing a sooner hook and more revolutions.

The Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball sports a solid black color available in weight options from 12 to 16 lbs. that best performs on medium oil lane conditions.

Types of Urethane Bowling Balls

Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball

The Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball is designed to combat dry conditions, wooden lanes, and short oil patterns that are often found in bowling alleys today.

Traditionally, on these conditions, bowlers want a predictable ball motion that’s easy to control. The Pitch Black provides bowlers with a strong reaction that reads all parts of the lane in each roll, providing unsurpassed versatility.

The ball has a symmetric core, made from solid urethane and finished with a porous solid coverstock that’s fully reactive to dry lane conditions.

The three-piece symmetrical core makes it the perfect choice for entry and mid-level bowlers. It is lighter in weight, which makes it possible to achieve a straighter shot.

The Capacitor Core on this urethane bowling ball also carries a smooth roll, which makes it easier for the bowler to understand the ball’s reactions for enhanced predictability.

This feature is especially advantageous as it makes the ball more acclimatized for users who are new to the sport.

The Pitch Black Bowling Ball features a Control Solid Urethane coverstock with a 1000 Grit finish that you know and trusts from Storm. These balls give you a solid hit you can count on and finish consistently in the pocket.

It is available in 12 to 16 lbs. weight options to accommodate all types of bowlers. Although it shines in dry lanes, its inability to create many hooks in medium to heavy oil conditions makes it unfavorably suited for such conditions.

Roto Grip Hot Cell Bowling Ball

Designed as a proven performer for tournament bowlers, the Roto Grip Hot Cell Bowling Ball is built for maximum power.

This tournament urethane ball is meant for bowlers who want an aggressive urethane ball that rolls true and provides exceptional back-end reaction.

It features the renowned Nucleus core technology, which stores energy in a way that other bowling balls simply don’t, releasing upon pin impact in a way that creates pin trajectories that are unique from other urethane balls.

This revolutionary technology provides betteinsidede control from the back to the front and superior backend reaction for an easier transition to the pocket.

It has an asymmetrical core design that is still able to offer just as much rotation and forward motion as any other symmetrical core but with better backend motion and a strong continuous hook.

However, this core design can also be difficult for beginner bowlers to control.

The Roto Grip Hot Cell Bowling Ball offers a classic urethane coverstock that allows you to be accurate enough to strike with confidence. It features a 2000-grit finish that performs exceptionally on light to medium oil lane conditions.

Motiv Tank Rampage Bowling Ball

The Motiv Tank Rampage Bowling Ball is a strong urethane cover ball engineered for the modern game. It features a new core and covers a formula that is sure to dominate the alley.

Its new urethane cover and modified Gear V2 core will give you excellenmidlinene coverage on high friction or dry patterns.

The result is a fast and powerful track flare with reduced over and under-reaction on dry lanes.

The newest urethane coverstock from Motiv called the Alchemy delivers a big skid with a smooth, slower reaction down the lane.

This cover gives a great deal of control for bowlers looking for just the right amount of ball reaction they need to gain line.

To complement this cover, the solid burgundy urethane shell is polished with a 3000 Grit LSS finish for maximum control and hook on dry lanes.

The Motiv Tank Rampage is an extremely versatile urethane bowling ball great for tournament players and serious recreational bowlers alike that can handle dry, light to medium oil conditions.

This is a very adaptable ball suitable for entry-level to intermediate bowlers, but it doesn’t have much hook potential in heavy oil conditions.

Things to Consider When Buying Urethane Bowling Balls


The core of a bowling ball is a huge factor in its performance. Each type of core offers a different form of benefits and is designed to help bowlers achieve their specific goals.

For a more forgiving and stable ball motion, the symmetrical core is a great option for beginners, intermediate, to even advanced bowlers.

Symmetric cores provide a stable and consistent motion compared to more aggressive cores found in asymmetric balls.

However, the more symmetrical the ball is rated, the less aggressive its hook potential rating is.

This is one of the reasons why advanced or more professional bowlers might prefer asymmetrical bowling balls.

If you are a professional or more skilled bowler, you can take advantage of the impressive hook potential of an asymmetric bowling ball.

Although asymmetric balls are more challenging to control, they produce greater hook potential resulting in a strong reaction in the mid-lane than symmetric bowling balls.

Lane Conditions

There are hundreds of different kinds of bowling balls available on the market today, and choosing one that suits your lane conditions is essential to good bowling.

In general, urethane balls perform best in light to medium oil lane conditions. However, there are a lot of urethane balls that are specifically designed for dry lanes to heavy oil lanes.

Depending on the lane conditions of your local bowling alley, choose a bowling ball that is suitable for it.

Those who enjoy bowling in dry lanes can purchase a urethane ball that is specifically designed for dry lanes. The same is true if you find yourself bowling in medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

Choosing the appropriate ball for your lane condition will give you a desirable hooking action and improve entry angle control allowing you to perform your best.

Sorts of Urethane Bowling Balls

Frequently Asked Questions on Urethane Bowling Balls

  1. Which are the best brands that offer high-quality urethane bowling balls?

    Some of the top brands that offer high-quality urethane bowling balls include Hammer, Motiv, Roto Grip, Brunswick, and Ebonite.

  2. What is the ideal weight for a urethane bowling ball?

    The ideal weight for a urethane bowling ball varies depending on the individual’s strength, size, and personal preference. A weight between 14 to 16 pounds is considered standard and is suitable for most bowlers.

  3. What are some of the best urethane bowling balls for dry lanes?

    Some of the best urethane bowling balls for dry lanes include the Hammer Web, the Motiv Venom Shock, and the Roto Grip Hustle Ink.

  4. What are some of the best urethane bowling balls for medium to oily lanes?

    Some of the best urethane bowling balls for medium to oily lanes include the Brunswick Rhino, the Hammer Black Widow 2.0, and the Ebonite Game Breaker.

Final Words

While urethane bowling balls may not enjoy the popularity they once did due to the emergence of other types of bowling balls, it doesn’t mean they are forgotten.

Some bowlers still prefer the over-reactive resin bowling balls or any other type of bowling balls.

If you are among these bowlers, I hope this guide has provided you with information about the various types of urethane bowling balls on the market today and the best ones based on a variety of important factors.

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