Best Bowling Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers – Our Top Picks for 2023

It’s always the ultimate experience from our favorite sport that we want to encounter, and we could attain this goal adventure if the stuff that surrounds us does not meet what we need

This situation goes the same as bowling. Many bowling balls are available in a bowling lounge and shop, but they all vary depending on what type of bowler would use them.

I bet you got in this article because you are a two-handed bowler, so we got the best list of bowling balls for two-handed bowlers to ease up your search!

Best For Medium-High Speeds

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

best for High Hook Potential

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Best for Strong Mid-Lane Read

Storm Code x Bowling Ball

best for Aggressive Backend

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball

Best for Bowlers with Medium Speeds

Storm Tropical Surge Bowling Ball 

Come with me and let’s know more about your needed bowling ball; I guarantee you won’t regret knowing about this!

Best Bowling Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers in 2023

Motiv Jackal Legacy Bowling Ball

The MOTIV Jackal Legacy Bowling Ball is an ideal ball for two handlers, and definitely, you can focus on your grip and hook once you get ahold of the power you want to throw on the ball!

Undoubtedly, this bowling ball greatly impacts massive performances that continue with the company’s legacy. Your two-handling bowling method can be of great potential to improve with this hook-beast-designed ball to handle the heaviest oil conditions any bowler will encounter.

This bowling ball’s coverstock is made with Coercion MXC Solid Reactive with a 2000 Grit LSS finish.

As tough as you can be, this ball’s red and black color combination makes a powerful eye attraction for bowlers, plus the ball provides unbelievable traction for bowlers.

This bowling ball comes with a BLOCKPredator V5 15 lbs weight.

Bowlers always want bowling balls with a great hook, and this ball can give a strong hook for you.

Any bowler can use this bowling ball; however, this ball performs very nicely on heavy oil bowling lanes and may not be suitable for beginners for some time.

Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball

The Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball offers a powerful backlash in light to medium oil conditions that bowlers always want to have!

The solid purple marble design attracts the bowler’s eyes, plus it attacks the lane with the proven Gear weight block with the new cover technology – the Turmoil MFS Reactive!

This bowling ball’s core and cover combination give a smooth yet angular backend motion for bowlers who love to predict and meticulously decide their shots. It helps with the strikes that provide a “devastating” continuation!

The shell’s appeal does not disappoint because the Venom Shock logo comes with a vibrant orange color that pops off the purple shell. They also glow in the dark for those who love a detailed design on their bowling balls!

This bowling ball has a 4000 Grit LSS finish with a Gear Symmetric weight block, plus a 3″+ potential!

It comes in different weight ranges, starting from 12 lbs to 16 lbs.

Two-handed bowlers can focus their power on this ball, depending on the ball weight they can carry to hit the pins.

Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball

One of the most mentioned and used bowling balls for two handlers is the Storm Tropical Bowling Ball. With its three exciting colors and innovative fragrances, this ball indeed appeals to all bowlers of different skill levels!

The polished pink and purple pearl combination is a beautiful and vibrant color combination for this Tropical bowling ball. It also comes with two other color combinations: the black and teal solid and the Kona blue and silver pearl combination.

All the color combinations are pleasing to the eyes, helping bowlers increase their motivation to get a gorgeous shot!

This bowling ball features a proven Reactor Hybrid Reactive coverstock material that effortlessly glides through the heads yet reacts down-lane giving an optimum pin carry. It comes with a 1500 Grit Polished finish and a Camber core – an inverted light bulb shape with a real substance for bowling games. The core and the ball finish provide more control and predictability for the bowlers, and two handlers can attain this advantage at their best endeavor.

This bowling ball can be for the two-handler’s possession. However, the total hook is low in comparison to other bowling balls of entry-level.

Storm Code X Bowling Ball

The Code X Bowling Ball is a reactive solid and sanded addition to Storm’s Premier line, and two-handed bowlers can get their grip, angling, and focus once they get ahold of this great block!

This bowling ball uses the asymmetrical RAD4 weight block, and it comes with the R2S Solid Reactive coverstock finished with the factory’s 3000 Abalon, which can be great for those who love high speed!

This ball’s surface can give a great help for bowlers to get more length while the ball rolls. It also provides more hook than other Storm Code products, making it an excellent option for heavier volume conditions.

If heavy oil is what you are dealing with, this Code X bowling ball will do the trick for you. Getting your proper angle and two-hand focus must be at your great attempt, and once you get the appropriate release of the bowling ball, it will hit the pins harder than you thought!

Beginners may need some time to handle this bowling ball, but advanced users can easily control the pace and tempo of the ball at the breakpoint. This can help bowlers hit more pins than the usual average hits.

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

The perfect balance from the perfect ball gives excellent power and control. The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball can be of the best service for new bowlers and veterans, too!

This bowling ball provides enhanced performance for users and gives perfect equilibrium with the hit, control, and focus once you get in front of the lane. It has a versatile ball’s valuable motion in various lane conditions, whether light, medium, heavy oil, or many more variations. 

This ball will provide a continuous and arcing solid motion. It comes with a light bulb core and a Pearl Reactive cover type with an R-16 coverstock, plus it has a factory finish of 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound/Crown Factory Polish.

Two-handed bowlers can train with this ball, especially when it is their first reactive resin ball for their intended use.

The marbled design can attract the bowlers’ eyes, and it is specially made neat and eye-catching, combined with the outstanding rhino logo on the ball.

Bowlers can have an excellent performance while predicting the ball’s motion, plus it has a lower hook potential. Some bowlers may find low hook a freight, but some find it effective for their games and techniques.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bowling Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers

Your Grip

Even when you have the best bowling ball in the market, even when you have the most famous brand on hand, your two-handling method will only work if and only if you have the proper grip on your hands, helping to release the ball with enough control and power that will depend on how much you want.

Players can make different gripping styles, and combining grip with varying aspects like swing, posture, and angling will ensure that every throw you make will be a great shot for your turn.

Make sure that your grip contributes to the balanced power you make while releasing the ball because once the ball slips out of your hand, you will have a risk of injuries on some parts of your body, like your feet, if the ball falls directly onto it.

choose the best Bowling Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers

Your Swing

Does the ball weigh fine for you, or does it weigh much heavier than you thought?

The ball’s weight affects your swing, and it is important to get just the right weight for bowling, even when you are a two-handed bowler. Your shoulder and shoulder blades must not feel sore or pressured while testing to swing the ball, which means the ball is right for your strength.

The amount of power you give is crucial for the swing, and the momentum you make will produce a ball rolling that will either make it or break it on the lane. Your swing must be of consideration before buying a bowling ball for your two-handed self, and you should keep in mind that you have a non-dominant hand also guiding you for the ball’s release.

Two-Handed Bowling Techniques

Two-handed bowling can be quite challenging for beginners and choosing the right ball will also become a complicated procedure if you are just a newbie. You cannot just face the bowling lane and roll the ball whenever you want because two-handed bowling also requires appropriate approaches and techniques to have a successful ball release after a good technique plan.

Two-handed bowling requires accurate timing, proper mental focus, and cooperation of the non-dominant hand to facilitate the release. The bowler can take different approaches, but there should be an ensured rhythmical routine to execute the ball release properly.

Never forget about your techniques in two-handed bowling because bowling balls have different functions. Your process may work for bowling balls with a shiny finish, but it might not work with balls that have a dull finish or vice versa.

FAQs about Bowling Balls for Two Handed Bowlers

  1. What are the best brands for two-handed bowlers?

    The top brands for two-handed bowlers are Motiv, Storm, and Roto Grip. These brands offer a range of options in terms of weight, hook potential, and coverstock material, ensuring that two-handed bowlers can find the perfect ball for their needs.

  2. What should two-handed bowlers consider when choosing a bowling ball?

    Two-handed bowlers should consider several factors when choosing a bowling ball, such as weight, hook potential, coverstock material, and finish. Additionally, bowlers should also consider their personal style and the oil pattern of the lanes they typically bowl on, as this can impact the performance of their ball.

  3. What is the best weight for a two-handed bowler’s ball?

    The best weight for a two-handed bowler’s ball depends on their personal preference and the strength of their delivery. It is recommended that bowlers choose a weight that they can comfortably throw with a consistent speed and release, as this will help ensure optimal performance.

  4. What is the difference between a reactive and reactive solid coverstock?

    A reactive coverstock is designed to react to oil on the lanes and provide more hook potential, while a reactive solid coverstock is a more aggressive and reactive option for bowlers. The choice between a reactive and reactive solid coverstock will depend on the bowler’s personal preference and the conditions of the lanes they are bowling on.

  5. What is the importance of the finish on a bowling ball?

    The finish on a bowling ball can have a significant impact on its performance. A rough finish, such as a sanded finish, will provide more hook potential, while a smoother finish, such as a polished finish, will provide more control and predictability. The finish that is best for a two-handed bowler will depend on their personal style and the conditions of the lanes they are bowling on.

Final Words

Despite concerns and disputes taken by the two-handling bowling community from other bodies, we cannot deny that they have the potential to take over the greatness of the bowling world! Not only is it a challenging bowling method at first, but once you get ahold of your strategy and techniques, you have the most terrific starting point for becoming a great bowler.

Two-handed bowling is only one of the most common ways bowlers use to score aggressively in a tournament. It can be a considerable turn for players, especially when they can find its appropriate way!

What are you waiting for? Take a ball and train more!

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