Best Wrist Support for Bowling in 2023 to Improve Your Game

No matter how good you are at bowling, you can never deny that risks will be around you, especially if you get used to what you’re doing.

Even when you have the most incredible power for swing, you can still injure yourself by hurting your wrist, and you don’t want that to happen!

It would be best if you had your wrist to control your release, so you have to take care of it the best way possible.

Hence, we chose the best wrist support for bowling that you will need eventually to keep yourself guarded.

Best for breathable support

Mueller Sports Medicine Wrist Brace

Best for additional grip support

Storm Xtra-Grip Right Hand Wrist Support

Best for pre-curved, mesh comfort

DonJoy Performance Bionic Wrist Support

Best for wrist stability during shots

Brunswick Shot Repeater Wrist Support

Best for wrist positioning

Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner

These are the best in the market, so don’t hesitate and discover your best wrist pal!

Top Wrist Supports for Bowling in 2023

Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner

The bowling wrist positioner of Kool Kontrol is made with unique fabric construction that helps improve comfort for bowlers while focusing on the game!

Not only does this come with good fabric construction, but it also has a breathable surface, allowing perspiration to evaporate without producing any stink or odor on the material quickly.

This wrist positioner has proven classic styling that provides outstanding support and exceptional results. 

You will never lose your center while estimating your ball release because this will keep your wrist in the most proper and safest position to avoid injuries.

Surely, you want to support both the front and back parts of the hand and wrist, so this wrist support comes with removable metal that gives solace and support while adequately positioning the hand for an effective release.

This comes with three Velcro straps for a secured lock system, allowing you to adjust the lock based on your preference.

You may feel odd while using this wrist support at first but don’t worry: it may feel wrong from the start, but it will eventually feel like the perfect and correct positioning after getting used to it!

Brunswick Shot Repeater X

The Brunswick Shot Repeater X promotes proper positioning of the hand and wrist for the ball release during bowling. It is made with lightweight fabric that increases moisture absorption, avoiding stinky odor after a sweaty bowling session!

We can never get away from injuries from any activities we perform, and bowling can even get you injured from your shoulder to your wrist. Even the remaining part of your body can be injured, too, if you don’t have proper angling and posture for your shot. Fortunately,  you can lessen the risk of injury with this wrist support because it comes with metal inserts on the front and back portions of the wrap to provide support and lock the wrist in a proper position.

This wrist support also comes with a three-strap design that allows you to adjust the fit you want to make you feel comfortable. It helps with protection, proper posture, angling, and control regarding how much power to exert for the ball release on the bowling lane.

This easy-to-use wrist support can come in handy if you love to save time. However, Velcro straps may not last long if the wrist support is not maintained well.

Storm Xtra-Grip

The Storm Xtra-Grip has a unique gripping material that increases the feel for added control.

You don’t want to feel restricted even when you have wrist support on, do you?

Well, this wrist support will make you feel like you are playing barehand, although the material is hugging your hand and wrist completely to provide maximum support and protection.

Bowlers need to focus on predicting the ball’s motion once released on the lane, and you can be sweaty sometimes that you don’t even notice. This wrist support has supreme ventilation that keeps your hand dry, and the material helps in the breathability you can attain while gaining the advantages you need on the lane.

This wrist support has one elastic wrist wrap that increases tendon support, plus it comes with spandex fabric finger gussets for added assistance and security.

This material is beneficial for aiding bowlers in games. But, despite the high-quality fabric built with this wrist support, you still need to be extra careful because it might rip after excessive usage, and you should never wear damaged wrist support during your bowling sessions.

MUELLER Fitted Wrist Brace

This MUELLER Wrist Brace is designed for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and wrist support, may it be weak or strong, injured or not. As a bowler, you tend to overwork your wrist sometimes, so this can be the best for you.

This wrist support helps relieve pain and swelling while still providing a full movement range of thumb and fingers even when it is fitted to the hand. You may find it uncomfortable while moving your wrist while trying to release the ball, but don’t worry because eventually, you will get used to the discomfort you will find it comfortable later on.

People allergic to latex are safe from this wrist support because it is latex-free. It also has two supports with padding and a spoon for added protection.

This wrist support is also made from recycled materials, making the whole structure more durable and efficient!

They added two adjustable straps for a custom fit that you can depend on the safety – the durable hook-and-loop lock system will ensure your wrists’ security.

Some wrist supports only come one-handed, but this lets buyers choose which wrist support to purchase either for the left or right hand.

This sports medicine wrist support can treat and prevent common injuries. Still, the fit may be too tight for some, making them uncomfortable from the blood circulation limit around their fingers.

Mongoose Optimum Bowling WristBand

The Mongoose Optimum wrist support is designed to give users the maximum benefit they can obtain from getting a support brace. Even with the simplistic structure, this wrist support can lead you to different expectations because you can get more than you see!

The unique design and manufacturing process made with this wrist support allows your hand and wrist to perform well without the feeling of restriction, even on your fingers. Once you put your hand inside the wrist support, you can get the sense of hand and wrist contour that does not feel deprived of space because Mongoose made this wrist support especially to form your hand structure.

This wrist brace induces the fingers to do the work while offering proper wrist support while maintaining a comfortable and breathable fit.

Your consistent ball roll and lift will improve with this wrist support because it helps your thumb perform a proper release. It makes your games a lot easier while giving you maximum protection simultaneously

The Velcro straps provided are as durable as the overall material. You can adjust your hand position while also deciding on how tight you want the wrist support must be, helping you maneuver your way by being safe and professional while throwing the ball on the lane softly or aggressively.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wrist Support for Bowling


Wrist support must stay on your side no matter what happens. If you have one that just snaps quickly from your wrist while playing bowling, you may want to throw that away because that wrist support is not doing its job!

Your wrist support must have trusted durability. The materials built and the wrist support structure must be effective upon your usage, plus they should not snap off even on a powerful ball release. 

You depend on your wrist support for safety, and if it accidentally falls off while releasing the ball, you have a great risk of a wrist injury. Better yet, buy one with the most fantastic durability of your preference.

Lock Security

It may sound mainstream to talk about a lock system in wrist support for bowling, but you have to keep an eye on the product you choose for your games!

Wrist support must be effective and valuable at all times. After all, if your item’s lock is not supportive enough, you will need to purchase another one because you can’t risk your safety!

Bowling may not be a strenuous sport, but you also need proper support to keep yourself away from danger. 

Your swing and posture can put you at risk, but the wrist support will help you away from it. However, it cannot support you well if the lock security is not good enough for your use!

Ensure that your wrist support has a strong lock system. Most of it is Velcro; make sure that the Velcro can withstand your power and not get dull after many uses.

Wrist Support Size

choose the Wrist Support Size

Wrist supports are made in different sizes, and all their sizes vary on which sizing system they follow.

Maybe “large” wrist support is too small for you, or it is just too big for your wrist and hand!

Wrist protection will be pointless if you don’t have the proper size for your hand because it can compromise your comfort, mindset, control, and power once held in the bowling arena.

Always check reviews for sizes for the product you have chosen because it will give you a reasonable estimation of how it would fit your hand before starting your bowling session.

Some FAQs about Wrist Supports for Bowling

  1. What are the benefits of using a wrist support for bowling?

    A wrist support for bowling helps to improve comfort, avoid injuries, maintain proper wrist position for the ball release, provide support and protection, reduce pain and swelling, and offer a full range of motion for the thumb and fingers.

  2. Can you use the wrist support for other activities besides bowling?

    The wrist support is specifically designed for bowlers to provide support and protection while playing the game. It may not be suitable for other activities.

  3. What are the different types of wrist supports available for bowling?

    Some popular wrist supports for bowling include Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner, Brunswick Shot Repeater X, Storm Xtra-Grip, and Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace.

  4. Do wrist supports come in different sizes?

    Yes, wrist supports come in different sizes and usually have adjustable straps for a custom fit.

  5. What is the recommended maintenance for a wrist support?

    It is recommended to clean the wrist support after each use, to avoid stinky odors, and store it in a dry place. The Velcro straps may need to be replaced after excessive usage, and it is not recommended to use damaged wrist support during your bowling sessions.

Final Words

Choosing the best wrist support might take you some time because the selected items are already listed. Even when they are not the best for you, you can still find what you are looking for, wrist support. However, you should always consider your preference to make your purchase worth it.

Even when you have an injury or not, wrist support is crucial for bowling because you have to treat or prevent an injury from occurring!

Choosing one from the list won’t harm you if you try, but always keep in mind that what works for you might not work for others.

Thanks for following this guide. We recommend you choose what you want while still considering the standards needed!

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